Berlin's History of Sex with a Sociologist 

The Online Experience that You Can Enjoy from the Comfort of Your Home

You want to explore Berlin's History of Sex but don't want to or can't come to Berlin? No problem! For this online experience, all you need is a computer or mobile device with Zoom installed! 


Together, we'll dive into the history of sexual science and sex life in Berlin, from Dr Magnus Hirschfeld's institute of sexual science, through past-Berlin's infamous Eldorado to present-day Berlin's Kit Kat Club. We'll start in the late 19th Century and go through the roaring twenties and the downfall of sexual freedom at the hand of the Nazis. We'll cover the resurrection after the war in a divided Berlin, as well as the current state today.

Things we'll explore include:

  • Dr Magnus Hirschfeld's story – one of the world's first sexual scientists;

  • the foundation of the world's first gay rights organization;

  • Berlin's sex and nightlife in the 20s;

  • world famous Eldorado clubs, that even saw high Nazi officials as visitors;

  • the home of British-American writer Christopher Isherwood, whose Berlin stories led to a world-famous musical;

  • the former location of sexologist Dr Hirschfeld's institute of sexual science;

  • the eradication of sexual freedom by Nazi Germany and its resurrection after WWII;

  • the emergence of the AIDS epidemic and how differently West and East Germany/Berlin dealt with it;

  • the districts of Nollendorfplatz and Kottbusser Tor, some of the world's biggest LGBTQ centres;

  • and the history of current clubs of sexual liberty, including the Kit Kat Club, Berghain, and Lab.oratory.


How to participate: Just book at the bottom of the page. After booking, I'll send you an email with the instructions on how to join the Zoom conference!


Duration: 2.5 hours


Language: English; German on request.

Price: 19€


About your guide:

I am a sociologist and I focussed my studies on gender, queer theory, social justice, and sexualities. Currently, I am studying sexual sciences and I run this blog on the sociology and social psychology of sexualities and societies. I have been working and volunteering for several sexual health and human rights NGOs, including Germany's national HIV/AIDS healthcare organization. I have been living in Berlin since 2014 and I have been fascinated by sex for more than 10 years – so with me, you'll surely get the facts about sex you never knew before.




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