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December 16, 2018

ORGYSMIC is having a big relaunch! To celebrate we are excited to announce our Patreon page today! Support us there and you'll get awesome gifts in return!










ORGYSMIC's mission is to educate people about the science behind human sexualities, promote sexual health and help to create a world where no one needs to suffer from discrimination or oppression based on gender or sexuality, but also based on race, ability, age, religion, class, or any other arbitrary category.


We believe in the sayings of the world's first sexual scientist Magnus Hirschfeld: Per scientiam ad justitiam – Trough Science to Justice! Our vision is a world where based on education and compassion (A) sexual health is increased (fighting both HIV and other STIs as well as promoting psychological and cultural sexual health), (B) discrimination and stigmatization based on sexual preferences, behaviours, phantasies, prejudices or identities are eliminated (stopping e.g. serophobia, homophobia, bi- & panphobia, kink-shaming, poly-shaming, body-shaming, slut-shaming, the pathologization of asexuality, sexual harassment, the stigma of sex work, the stigma of the sexualities of the elderly or of people with disabilities, or the sexualization of women*, POC, Muslims, and other people), and (C) sexual liberty and freedom are defended (fighting taboos and discriminating or stigmatizing laws, and giving everyone the right to their own sexualities and sovereignty of their bodies).


Last but not least ORGYSMIC strives to be a coalition to create a more just world free from oppression and suffering. Rather than our differences, we – LGBTIP2SAs, queers, feminists, sex workers, polys, kinksters, and POC – want to focus on what we all have in common and support each other in a joint fight for equality and diversity.


If you share this vision with us then please consider becoming a Patron for ORGYSMIC at In return, you'll get access to our exclusive Patreon feed as well as amazing gifts like ebooks, early access, looks behind the scenes, exclusive Q&A sessions, free tickets for the unique guided tour "Berlin's History of Sex" (supported by the Federal Foundation Magnus Hirschfeld), or the possibility to give feedback long before new content is published!








Apart from the blog, we are also planning to start podcasts later in 2019. As a trained sociologist and experienced speaker, ORGYSMIC's founder Jeff Mannes will also give talks about sex starting in late 2019. Additionally, to the articles, talks, and podcasts we plan to start a video series with a drag queen titled "Dr Dame Explains Sex". These short videos will be designed to explain and educate about human sexualities in a hilariously funny and easy way.


Finally, if you live in Berlin or plan to visit, we would be happy to welcome you to Berlin's History of Sex. In this very unique guided tour, kindly supported by the Federal Foundation Magnus Hirschfeld, I dive deep into the history of sex and sexual science in Berlin. You'll learn things about Berlin and about human sexualities you would never in your wildest dreams have thought possible. So feel free to be our guest!


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